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Guaranteed Safety with Full-Service Fire Protection Systems and Fire Extinguisher Service

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Superior Fire Protects Lives and Prevents Disaster

The most important aspect of our business is protecting lives. Your life, your employees’, your guests’, and your family’s. With every product and service that we provide, this outlook is always at the forefront.

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Safety Is Our Goal

Superior Fire is a full-service fire protection system provider. With proper installation and fire suppression, disaster can be prevented quickly.

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37 years of dedicated fire suppression experience

With 37 years of dedicated fire suppression experience, we prevent catastrophe by securing your property with the proper clean to prevent any fires that may occur.

Our Fire Protection Services

Hood cleaning

Restaurants, hotels, schools, and any facility with an industrial kitchen needs proper hood cleaning to ensure kitchen safety.


Vent Replacement

Good ventilation is key to preventing the buildup of smoke, carcinogens, and debris while using a stove of any size.


Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Fans must be kept clean and grease-free, allowing it to rotate properly and attract all of the smoke and material that are harmful to someone’s health and safety.


Duct Replacement

All the smoke, air, and everything carried in it must go somewhere, and often gets trapped within the ductwork. Keep yours clean and functional.

Superior Fire

Superior Fire

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