Exceptional Fire Safety Services, Exceptional Price

At Superior Fire, we understand the importance and value of fire safety. Juggling the lives of our employees, clients, guests, students, family, and even our own is not up for the sake of saving resources is not a debate we participate in. This is why we guarantee high-quality service at affordable rates.


Our Mission

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37 Years of Fire Safety Service

We have proudly—and successfully—served fire safety services for the last 37 years and counting. With a team of fire safety professionals, engineers, and installation experts, we can create a plan, install it, and share the knowledge necessary for ultimate protection.


Superior Fire is Washington’s best fire safety services provider. From team to execution, we have you covered.

Provide Safety Above All Else

We all know the dangers of fire. However, many people think, “that’ll never happen to me.” This attitude is just as dangerous, and there’s no going back once a disaster occurs. Our mission is to provide safety to all, helping everyone understand the value of prevention, preparation, and fire safety.


Your safety is most important. That is our goal.