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Fire Suppression and Protection Services

Prevent, Suppress, and Protect with Trusted Fire Protection Services Proper installation of fire protective services will prepare your team and facility if disaster strikes.

Our Services

Hood Cleaning

Remove oils, foods, and particles from your kitchen’s hood. Our thorough cleaning removes anything that can cause an unintentional fire while cooking. Grease and oil can ignite easily. It’s important to keep these areas clean as possible since employees work directly with flames. Our hood cleaning service gives a shine to your stainless-steel hoods while cleaning ductwork, hood systems, fans, and equipment.

Grease Removal

Highly flammable grease is one of the leading causes of fire in kitchens of all sizes. Worse, grease can build up in areas that often go unchecked. Keep your entire hood grease-free with our fire protection services. We’ll scrub out every inch of your hood and leave it looking like a brand-new stainless-steel piece of equipment.

Duct Cleaning and Filter Replacement

Smoke, oil, and flammable contaminants can become trapped in the ductwork of your hood. Our professionals go in and clean out your ducts from the inside or replace them if necessary. A big part of keeping a duct clean is regularly cleaning and replacing the filters at the beginning. We will keep your filters working properly so you can save on expensive duct replacements and keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Fans are needed to attract all the airborne material that arises while cooking. Without those fans, combustible material can cover your kitchen’s walls, ceiling, and surfaces. By keeping your fan clean and rotating properly, you can ensure the safety of everyone in your kitchen. Exhaust fans also allow for better sight and movement around the kitchen, keeping people safe from accidents.

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